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Joining Our Practice

After the initial examination (any necessary x-rays) we formulate a treatment or maintance plan. Since the very beginning we emphasise necessity of cooperation between doctor and a client concerning an oral hygiene, a client learns how to enjoy a lifetime of good dental health. During the treatment we use the state-of-the-art technologies, especially the newest x-rays apparatus with small radation impact and a special apparatus for a root canal treatment.

FlowerAfter we have finished sanitation of your oral cavity – fillings (irritation, inflammation) we are ready to offer full dentures, tooth whitening (or bleaching) as well as tooth jewellery – gems and twinkles for special occasions.

We collaborate also with specialists such as parodontologist, orthodontist, or stomatosurgeon. Any client if needed is provided referral to them.

We strongly recommend a regular check-ups every 6 months as we believe that “prevention is better than a care”. Then we conduct thorough examination.

Our goal is to do as least treatment as possible. We treat each client includind children. The best age for the first visit is 1–1.5 year-old babies.